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Your mind and body solution


Boost your immune system by transforming your relationship with food and exercise in idyllic provence.


is to promote healthy lifestyle choices by transforming your relationship with your body, giving you a new perspective on fitness and food so that you can lead a healthier, happier and more productive life.  

In these increasingly uncertain times where working from home has become the new normal, we have to learn the skills to be resilient, so that we are able to look after ourselves and our loved ones.

Feeling good has never been so important.

Join me in the south of France and boost your  resilience by learning my unique transformational system to keep you healthy, robust and energetic.

Take home my tips and tricks that you can apply everyday in minutes to help you thrive!


My name is Suze

I grew up in Cheltenham in the UK

As a young teenager I excelled at middle distance running and field hockey, which I pursued to a national level.

I studied sociology and psychology after which I travelled extensively throughout the world for business and pleasure!

I retrained as a personal trainer in London in 1996 and developed my passion for nutrition.

Following further years of globetrotting I finally settled in Provence in 1999 where I met my husband, and have been ever since.

What you Get

We start each day by calming our minds :

Rejuvenate our bodies:


Fun dance therapy sessions

In the evening we relax with meditation and cook together and nourish our bodies with home cooked delicacies from Provence.

[email protected] Villa Bella Vista

VILLA BELLA VISTA sits perched 5 minutes outside the  medieval hilltop village of Montauroux, 40 minutes west of Nice. It boasts spectacular views over the Esterel and down to the Mediterranean.



we cater for up to a maximim of 6 guests so group size will dictate whether you share a room!

what’s included

what’s not included



  / Single Room

  • Single room occupancy £1200 per person per stay


  / Double Room

  • Double room occupancy £900 per person per stay


  / Discount

  • 20% discount on early bird bookings by October 1st 2021