Feel fabulous !

Start living in a body that you love!

Zenergize-en-Provence Wellness retreats specialising in personal growth and transformation.


Is to make you feel fabulous in a body that you love!

I am a weight loss coach for women in mid-life and have cracked the code for you to get into a body that you’ll adore! This is not a diet, pill or medication, it is a sustainable system which will transform your lifestyle and energise you!

Energy is the single most important ingredient for living an extraordinary life. Two years of pandemic uncertainty and hibernation have been really tough and finding that passionate self-defined energy is more important than ever to get going again.
Are you tired of feeling flat and exhausted? Do you feel stuck? Has your self-esteem been affected by post-pandemic pounds? Looking for a real kick-start to a more loving relationship with food and healthier eating habits?

I know how you feel. I’ve been there too. I’d tried everything to control my weight: every new fad diet like Atkins, detoxes, appetite suppression pills, intermittent fasting, disordered eating and excessive exercise. Nothing worked or at least not sustainably. Knowing that diets and restrictions didn’t work, I went on a quest to find a sustainable solution for women, especially those in mid-life where everything starts changing!

You’ve been guided to the right place.

Consider this quote from Stoic Philosopher, Epictetus ‘Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control. And some things are not.’ If you’re ready to start living in a body that you love and impact positive change in your life, then join me in the south of France for this heart-opening retreat. It’s time to get clarity and a rock-solid plan for moving forward so that you wake up very day excited and ready to do what you were meant to do.

Close your eyes and envision this: it’s the end of your stay. You are relaxed, re-inspired, energised and ready to dive into the next chapter of your life. You are present. You have inner peace and gratitude.

Unleash your extraordinary!


My name is Suze

I grew up in Cheltenham in the U.K.

After studying sociology and psychology, I travelled extensively throughout the world and by the time I was 24 years old, I’d lived in France, Canada, USA and Mexico. I had an insatiable appetite for travelling and immersing myself in different cultures. I was fascinated by human nature and in learning what made people tick!

After three years of globetrotting either side of my studies, I found myself back in London and became a personal trainer. Although I loved the freedom of working for myself and helping others, I felt trapped being back in the UK and within a year I fell into a flying career with British Airways as a long-haul stewardess which I did for 22 years. Not only did it fulfil my passion for travelling and discovering even more remote corners of the world, it also changed the trajectory of my life!
After my first year of flying I relocated to Provence in the South of France, where I met my husband and threw myself into dreamy French rural life!

In 2020 I left the skies during the pandemic and retrained as a life and health coach specialising in weight loss for mid-life women. With the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, I cannot wait to help you succeed and realise all of your dreams.

What you Get

We start each day by calming our minds :

Rejuvenate our bodies:


Let your hair down!


All activities are on an opt-in basis, guests can choose the level of participation that feels right for them and be involved as much or as little as they choose.

Zenergize-en-Provence@ Villa Bella Vista

VILLA BELLA VISTA sits perched 5 minutes outside the  medieval hilltop village of Montauroux, 40 minutes west of Nice. It boasts spectacular views over the Esterel and down to the Mediterranean.



we cater for up to a maximim of 6 guests so group size will dictate whether you share a room!

what’s included

what’s not included



 / Per Person

  • £1400 per person single room for 6 nights


 / Per Person

  • £1100 per person shared room for 6 nights


 / Per Person

  • £800 per person single room for 3 nights


 / Per Person

  • £600 per person shared room for 3 nights

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