Carol McEvoy- Just had the most insightful few days with Suze at Zenergize-en-Provence. Beautiful surroundings; incredible food; cooking classes; fitness tips; yoga; trips to vineyards; beautiful beaches all delivered with lots of grace and fun! I am indeed reenergised and look forward  to returning next year. My health, wellness and fun cup is overflowing! Thanks Suze.
Clare Summers- Taylor- Zenergize with Suze is the perfect place to reset. I recently spent a few days at the Zenergize-en-Provence retreat with some friends and we had a truly magical time. The local area is stunning, the villa stylish, comfy and homely. Suze is the perfect host, a real star-authentic, fun and easy going. I was blown away by Suze’s health and fitness knowledge, her wisdom and energy. You can talk to her about anything and she offers practical solutions and suggestions.
If you want to get started on a healthier but sustainable way of living, want to lose some weight and feel better about yourself or just need to recharge Zenergize-en-Provence is THE place to do it. Suze’s system for wellness in mid-life, weight maintenance programme and path to a positive state of mind is something we can all achieve. We enjoyed morning walks and runs in the conuntryside, followed by healthy, tasty brunches on the terrace and dips in the pool. During the afternoons, we enjoyed trips to local beauty spots, poolside yoga and meditation. In the evenings we walked around the beautiful villages and enjoyed fabulous home cooked food. I picked up some great new recipes and tips on healthy menus that I can’t wait to share with friends and family. I cannot recommend Zenergize-en-Provence highly enough and I will be booking for next year!
Richard Hinzel –I was so excited to visit Suze in Provence. I’d been following her for a while and was desperate for a solution.
Since covid I’d put on 3 kilos which I just couldn’t shift. After 6 days I’d lost 2 kilos, had much more energy and had transformed my relationship with food. I now eat to live instead of living to eat! 2 months later I feel fitter and more alive than I did in my 30’s. This is NOT a fad, it’s a lifestyle, MERECI Zenergize-en-provence
Nicola Lavan- I stayed with Suze for a long weekend at her villa before Christmas. I learned so much and had a wonderful stay. I saw results immediately and decided to retain Suze as my weightless coach. This is the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I have so much more confidence, I can wear the clothes I want and finally feel in control around food. I am actually eating more, but these food combinations have turned my body into a fat burning machine! She has transformed my life.
Barbara Foster- I loved the time I spent with you and our discussions about exercise and diet. I came away content and full of energy and am still reaping the benefits. Thank you Suze and Zenergize!
Laurent Wardoux- An amazing experience with Suze- a lovely, lively character! There was no stress when Suze explained how to change my habits. I learnt a lot in a beautiful, cosy environment. Thank you Suze, see you soon!
Caroline Carlson- Such a fun and informative stay with Suze in the Zenergize villa.  I have totally changed the way I feel about myself and continue to implement all I learned. I have lost 3 kilos, have so much more energy, and still eat the foods I love. This is so sustainable, I’ll NEVER diet again! MERCI

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